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Assistive Technology R&D

Greg Maker favors that people (of any age) who have physical or mental disabilities can make programs. We have partnerships with NGOs and educational institutions that reaffirm our quality.


When this project was created and developed by our CEO Mauricio Andrioli, he had in mind to provide accessibility to technology for all people. For this reason, we pride ourselves on helping more and more children, young and old to have contact with a more connected world.

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Rua França 35,  Taipas de Pedras 

São Roque - SP  CEP: 18143-000 - Caixa Postal:  1359

Empresa Associada ao Cietec - USP - IPEN em São Paulo - SP

+55 11 3039-8319 / +55 11 3230-6461

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