As technology advances at an incredible rate and products and materials become more complex, Engrenar's team of engineers is positioned to take a concept from the initial idea to an economical product, aligned with the most advanced technologies. The 'development for delivery' process of your product is crucial and you must be sure that your product development team has the experience and the engineering credentials necessary to provide it. However, engineering excellence is only one of the key elements to guarantee all opportunities for commercial success.


Engrenar has a strategic partnership with universities, specialists in intellectual property protection (IP) and a leading legal team, to assist you. If you need contractual or partnership agreements with investors, we can link you up and provide advice and support on how to "package" your investment offer. If your product is not yet ready for investment and you want to risk the early stages of development by marketing, we at Engrenar can help you.


With a successful design house, operating in R&D and advanced technology environments, we are the ideal partner for the private sector to obtain financing and strategic investment advice, such as PIPE and Fapesp.


This allows us to:

- Integrated product or equipment development;

- Focus on execution;

- Time previously defined

- Closed budget;

- Techniques and innovative tools for creation, control and interaction between multidisciplinary teams;

- Monitoring the schedule in real time;

- Management in the making of the functional prototype.





We provide research and development services in the form of R&D Process Outsourcing in which we make available to companies and startups, multidisciplinary teams (mechanics, software, hardware, materials, etc.). We are dedicated to the development of solutions and products, in our or your facilities. This practice meets the requirements of development, scope and need to reach the market.

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