The market demands constant evolution of products, evolution of design, features and reduction in energy consumption. We support companies engaged in this direction, by incorporating new technologies and / or specification of components that extend their useful life and / or optimize their original performance, improving productivity, energy efficiency, product quality, environmental aspects and / or the increase in production capacity.

We improve and modernize the visual aspect of your product or equipment, incorporating the most modern management, design and project practices. We use as an innovation driver, for example, the use of sustainable materials, without neglecting, for example, the final cost of manufacturing the product.


Our engineers use Finite Element Analysis to optimize products. It can identify the cause of service failures of existing products and then be deployed to design and optimize viable solutions within the constraints of existing geometry. Again, while FEA can be used on all materials and equipment, it is especially valuable when working with complex materials and geometries. Another important point for the use of finite element analysis is the optimized dimensioning to reduce the final cost of the product or equipment.

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