With experience acquired in more than 20 years in the market, Engrenar can participate in the partial or total development of your idea, including design, project and related activities. We manage the activity or the project as a whole, in a participatory manner, where the client or institution monitors in real time the phases, history and all relevant details of the development.


We develop partnerships and projects in the areas of white line, brown line, medical, IOT, automotive, lifting people and cargo, national security, among others.


We dose, depending on the challenge, the use of methodologies and tools to ensure agility, reduced cost, cost tools, simulation, augmented reality, among others.


When dealing with project outsourcing, we have a methodology where we have improved over the years in the market, aiming:


-Monitoring of the contracted scope;

-People management;

-Risk management;

-Platform for monitoring project milestones and feedback on the resources used;

- Cost management.

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