What motivates us is to bring solutions and innovations to your business.



Engrenar is a company based in the city of São Roque, associated with the Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology (Cietec), located at the University of São Paulo (USP). CIETEC is registered with the Information Technology Area Committee (CATI) of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications (MCTIC), which enables all of its associates to provide services, being paid for by the IT Law (from Basic Production Process - PPB). This mechanism has been useful for several of our clients to make R&D projects possible with Engrenar.


From that base, we believe "in the details"; pushing the limits, optimizing performance and getting it right the first time in everything we do and deliver. We provide technologically advanced and high quality solutions in engineering projects. We work in many sectors, including defense, automotive, elite sports, energy, medical technology and many others. Our team has developed its skill in high performance engineering environments. Therefore, we have a wide spectrum of engineering and manufacturing knowledge. This provides us with the ability to solve problems at all levels and pollinate technologies from other sectors.


Engrenar is an engineering design services business that aims to create real benefits for our clients' profitability. We do this by providing solutions and supporting them to make a new concept a reality, or by developing an existing product. We apply the same design knowledge, be it a simple tool design project for a mass or low volume product or a complete R&D project to optimize an aerospace part. We can communicate a lot through our website or simply by phone. No matter how small or complex your challenge is, we will be happy to chat with you.




Our mission:

Build and develop a brand recognized and respected for its innovative engineering and design solutions. This will be delivered through:


  • Providing customer-focused services that offer excellent solutions

  • Form effective and mutually rewarding partnerships with our customers, to create collaborative advantage for continuous and sustainable business growth

  • Building a creative culture with a team committed to personal and professional development

  • Providing a ready-to-use business model

  • Able to be duplicated globally construction

  • Sharing knowledge and inspiring our employees, customers and the next generation of engineers.


Our vision:

To be the most respected global brand of engineering solutions in advanced manufacturing industries for our people, partnerships and performance.

Through the experience, capacity and creativity of our team, we continuously strive to offer excellent solutions to our customers.



A small company with a responsive and experienced execution of a Large Company. Engrenar is a 'Solutions' business, not just an engineering consultancy we bring:


  • Innovation and technology of the future at the heart of our solutions

  • Non-Competition Collaboration

  • Promotion of Brazilian engineering

  • No challenge is too big.

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Rua França 35,  Taipas de Pedras 

São Roque - SP  CEP: 18143-000 - Caixa Postal:  1359

Empresa Associada ao Cietec - USP - IPEN em São Paulo - SP

+55 11 3039-8319 / +55 11 3230-6461

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